Refund times

Any item purchased on can be returned within 14 business days from the delivery date. 
1) Make sure the products are in the same conditions in which you received them, with all tags attached and intact.

2) Enter your personal area by logging in to My Account with your e-mail and password.
You will find a few options, among which RMA, in the menu on the left side of the page.
Click it to go on with the return process. Click the "New Refund Request" button and select the relevant order number. Follow the instructions and fill in the requested fields. Remember to clearly indicate whether you wish to return the entire order or just a few items by entering a comment.

3) Prepare the package and apply the UPS label to the aeronauticamilitareofficialstore box (or to an equally resistant box of the same size) in order to cover the first shipment's data. 
Thanks to our return service, you will be sure to receive a refund in case of theft or loss that may occur upon delivery to our Thiene (VI) warehouse.

5) Book the pick-up by contacting UPS, on the phone or online, within 14 business days from the delivery date. Return shipping is free of charge.

Return shipping is free of charge only if you use our UPS courier.
You can choose a different courier if you prefer. In this case, you will have to pay for the return and any theft or loss that might occur.

Please note that we can only refund properly returned products.
Should the returned goods not meet the requirements listed, will not be able to issue a refund and will send the package back to you.

You can always check the return status in your personal area or by using the UPS code you will find on your copy of the label by accessing the website
Please also remember that: 

You can only send the goods to be returned from the country in which you have placed the order.

Remember not to remove the blue safety cord from the garment if you wish to return it. Products returned without this cord will not be refunded.

The following data must be written on the UPS label to be applied to the package:
 Recipient: Cristiano di Thiene Spa - Via dell'Artigianato 4 - 36016 Thiene (VI) Italy
Payment Terms: "Bill to the recipient"
Standard service.
The recipient's UPS code is X7035W.

​​​​​​​Note: if your order was placed before 11/11/2020 send an email to